Interviewing Tips

Obtain the complete address and telephone number of the company. Research the company. Visit their website, get an annual report, go to the local library, scan trade articles and speak to people in the industry.

Prepare a portfolio of information appropriate to present in a first interview (resume, work samples, etc.). Also, prepare a list of questions for the interview related to the company, its history, current activities and future. Examples:

  • Is there a job description prepared?
  • What are the key requirements of the position?
  • How does the position fit into the company’s organization chart?
  • Why is the position open?
  • What is the potential of the position?

Cite relevant examples of how your professional experiences relate to the open position. Talk about accomplishments and achievements, things that have made or saved your employers money. Stress interest level and the contribution that you can make to the company. Dress in a professional and conservative manner. Follow up with a well-written “thank you” letter reiterating your interest level and abilities.